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“The world begins at a kitchen table.
No matter what, we must eat to live.”

   – Joy Harjo

Click here to read the whole poem "The World Ends Here"
by Joy Harjo on the Poetry Foundation website.

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Poetry Mesa celebrates poets and poetry with a full menu of delicious readings, workshops, a calendar of international events, and a variety of resources to serve poets and poetry lovers everywhere. Our preference will be for the fun, the magical, the exuberant and the inspired.

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Writing Table Gallery 


Charles Dickens’s actual writing table  and chair. 



       Poetry Mesa Past Events…     

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A Night with 
Pablo Neruda

Monday, 1 July, 2021, 5:00-6:00pm Central

An evening of poetry, film and conversation celebrating the 117th birthday of Pablo Neruda, the Nobel Prize-winning Chilean writer. With Mark Eisner, author of the definitive biography: “Neruda: The Biography of a Poet.” With readings of Neruda’s poems in both English and Spanish by an exciting cast of poets, including Jennifer Clement and Art Goodtimes. Featuring clips from the film “¡Pablo Neruda: ¡Presente!” directed by Mark Eisner and narrated by Isabel Allende.


Hosted by Judyth Hill and Catherine Marenghi.

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A Night with
Walt Whitman

Thursday 30 Sept., 2021, 5:00-6:00pm Central


A lively Zoom event with poetry readings, film and conversation celebrating the great American poet Walt Whitman. As a groundbreaking poet, a queer icon, and a literary celebrity, his influence on the American consciousness was monumental. Special guests include acclaimed poet Mark Doty, author of "What Is The Grass: Walt Whitman in my Life"  and more than 10 poetry books; and Whitman scholar Zachary Turpin, known for discovering lost Whitman texts.


Hosted by Judyth Hill and Catherine Marenghi.